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Equation Editor

The Equation Editor enables you to insert mathematical equations within the HTML Editor. It supports the input of MathML and LaTeX, and includes a graphical editor where you can visually create equations. You can use the Equation Editor include mathematical equations within your discussion posts and in email correspondence with your instructor.

Accessing the Equation Editor

  1. To use the Equation Editor for discussions, select Start New Thread at the top of your screen to begin a new post or select a previous post and then select Reply. To access the editor for an email, compose a new message or reply to an existing email.

  2. Click on the Sigma Click on the All Components ellipsis (...)button. You will see a variety of formatting, structure and content tools here.


  3. Select the Insert Equation icon.

Creating Equations in the HTML Editor

  1. Enter your expressions and equations in the editing box. You can take advantage of the many templates provided on the different tabs to build the equations and insert fractions, exponents, and other mathematical elements.

  2. Once you are done writing your equation or expression, select Insert.


  3. After you insert the quation, you may only see a yellow box from this view. This is normal, the entire equation will be visible in the discussion or email once it is posted.

Editing an Equation in the HTML Editor

  1. In the HTML Editor, select the equation you wish to edit.

  2. Choose one of the Insert Equation icon Insert Equation icons. The Equation Editor will load in a new window.

  3. Make the needed changes and click the Insert button.

  4. Select Save to update your changes on your post.

Deleting an Equation in the HTML Editor

  1. In the HTML Editor, select the equation you wish to delete.

  2. Press the Delete or Backspace key to remove the equation.

  3. Click the Update button.