Characteristics of Successful Online Students

To be successful in an online course, you should assess your readiness to successfully engage in an online learning class at Broward College. Taking courses online isn't for everyone; it takes motivation, self-discipline, good time-management skills, and basic technology skills.

Self-motivation and Self-discipline

There can be a great amount of freedom and flexibility in the online learning environment. Along with that comes a great deal of responsibility. Succeeding in the online learning process takes a serious commitment and willingness to be disciplined about keeping up with the course requirements throughout the term.

In an online course, most of your interaction with others will be done electronically. The absence of direct physical contact and interaction with other students or the instructor can cause some online students to lose interest or motivation prior to completion of the online course or online program. It is important that you develop your own techniques for staying motivated - based on something that is very important to you, such as graduation, a promotion, or a sense of accomplishment.

Basic Technology Skills

Keyboarding and computer skills are very important for your success as an online student. Familiarity with email systems, attaching documents to email messages, ability to create, save, and find files such as word processing documents and spreadsheets, and similar basic computer skills will be very useful.

Technology Requirements

Review the technology requirements for both PC and MAC computers.

D2L System Check

The D2L login page has a system check that ensures your computer is properly configured and verifies the browser version and browser settings including JavaScript and cookies. Run the system check before your online classes begin. Just because you can log into D2L, does not necessarily mean your computer is properly configured.

Review the class notes and syllabus for a list of additional software and plug-ins that may be needed.

Readiness Assessment

1: Strongly Disagree
2: Disagree
3: Neutral
4: Agree
5: Strongly Agree

  Readiness Criteria 1 2 3 4 5

Your Score: Please complete the readiness assessment worksheet

75-100: Ready to go
You match many of the characteristics of a student who is typically successful in an online course. You tend to be organized, computer-savvy, and self-motivated – all of which will benefit you as an online student.

50-74: Almost ready
You might experience a little difficulty with taking online courses. Read through the statements again and identify areas where you think you may need help. Think carefully about how much time you have to dedicate to an online course, and how ready you feel to take responsibility for your own learning. Be sure you have a good support network in place before you proceed with an online course.

Less Than 50: Might not be ready
You might not be ready to take an online course yet. You may need to increase your reading and writing skills, learn time management techniques, or become more comfortable with using a computer and the Internet. Look over the statements again to identify the areas in which you need the most help. By working to increase your skills in the areas of time management, self-motivation, and computer literacy, you will be setting yourself up for success when you eventually take an online course.